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Who are you?

Tea Please was created out of a love of adding fun to the everyday, say no to boring mugs! Say yes to mugs that make you smile!

We are a British business, all mugs are designed and made in the UK.  

We also like to help animals, this summer we put up bee boxes and planted flowers for the bees to help them from going extinct. In 2017 we are going to help out more British Wildlife, this time we are going to help out the badgers.

At Tea Please we also have a love of tea! Would you believe it? We also really love sweet things like cake, therefore coming soon we will be giving you recipes for different mug cakes for you to make. Also we will be giving you new ideas of yummy things you can make in a mug and use mugs for!

Princess mugFeminist mugFreya with Tea Please deliverySewing mug