💚 Being Green 💚

 What does being green mean? 

With all the greenwashing about, it is hard to actually know if a company is trying their best to be green or if they are promoting a false sense of environment impact that doesn't exist.

We are also female founded and run by females, our feminist items are created from experience.

Here is how Tea Please is doing everything they can to be sustainable and green -

 💚 We embroider the item once you have ordered - this means no waste. If you order an item then we make it just for you.💚

💚 The clothing we use is sustainable fabric and fair trade certified. 💚

💚  Sweatshop free and WRAP certified. 💚 

💚 Our inks are vegan water based inks. 💚 

💚 Shipped in recyclable and biodegradable packaging. 💚 

💚 Shopping small is wonderful 💚